Bill validator and coin mechanism repair can be greatly reduced by proper maintenance. It is very important to keep your bill validators and coin mechanisms in excellent condition. They bring in all of your vending machines income. If your bill validator and coin mechanism are temperamental, your vending machine sales are not at their potential. You should always follow the manufacturers directions about maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Bill Validator Maintenance – Cleaning

Warning: Petroleum-based cleaners and freon-based propellants can damage plastic and some electronic components. Scouring pads and stiff brushes may harm the protective coating on the circuit boards and can mar the plastic beyond repair. These items should never be used when cleaning any bill validator. Always use a warm, mild soapy water solution.

Mars Bill Validator Belt Change

The video shows you how to change the belts on your Mars Bill Validator.

Coinco Validator Belt Change

Maka Validator Belt Change