How to set up multi coin acceptor CH-923 (technical support, amusement machines, coin-op)

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Check out how to calibrate multi coin acceptor (CH-923). If you want to change credit some of the credit settings in your machine or need to recalibrate the currency detector you have to perform this procedure.

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  1. mmardavao


  2. woomey

    How I can connect the multi coin?
    Where do I can connect the gray wire and the white wire?
    the multi coin don't give pulses…. :(

  3. Alessandro Apo

    Then i have to connect the red wire to 12 vdc, the black wire to gnd, and the white wire to the input of a relay 12 vdc which should open the flow of current to the relay when a coin is inserted?

  4. torQ7u

    very useful ! thanks been looking for this a loong time :)

  5. Sohave

    When I try to sample the coins it just says A1 and when i trow a coin in it gets rejected and the display says 1.

  6. rowlowyolo

    how do I connect the coin acceptor to an atmega128??And is it not possible to connect the red wire to the VEXT pin on the atmega?Please help! :(

  7. John Emmanuel Balili

    what if i don't have the power connector same as yours? is it ok to just connect the red to 12 volts and black to ground? how about the white?

  8. Engr Lavengveng

    where should i connectthose wires…? the red one is for the 12 volts the black one is for the ground… how about the white one? where should i connect it…? please help me

  9. Srijan Gupta

    can we use two different types of coin as one in JY 926 coin acceptor ?

  10. dscytheProductions

    some1 answer me pls.. what are the use of those 6 pins under the display? i hope its for external display..