Alcohol Free Bill Validator Cleaning Cards – 10 Pack


  • Protect your equipment and improves performance of bill acceptors / validators
  • Works on all dollar bill validators
  • Removes dirt, oil, and other contaminants from magnetic heads and photo and optic sensors
  • Alcohol Free – will not harm rubber belts
  • Will not fog up optic sensors


Protect your equipment with “Alcohol FREE” bill validator pre-saturated cleaning cards. Improves the performance of all bill validators / acceptors. Removes dirt, oil and other contaminants from magnetic heads and photo optic sensors. Ther are safe, easy and very effective. Will not harm rubber belts or fog up optic sensors. Sold in a pack of 10 Directions: Open pouch and remove cleaning card. Insert cleaning card into bill validator in the same manner you would insert a dollar bill. The cleaning card will be run through the bill validator and rejected. Wait a few seconds to allow the cleaning card to dry. Then reinsert the cleaning card a second time to remove stubborn contaminants. Discard the cleaning card. Use on: All dollar bill acceptors /validators, Video / Arcade Games, Vending Machines, Currency Counters, Slot Machines, Transit Acceptors Recommended usage: Weekly for all validators, counters