Vending Machines: Nickels Lead to Hundreds: 20 DO and 20 DON’T Tips




Did you know: One service call to a vending machine repair tech will cost between $60-$100 or more just to look at a machine. This doesn’t include parts and labor. Invest in these tips and save yourself money!

These basic and in-depth tips will guide you on the right track to avoid the mistakes I’ve made in my 3 years of vending. I’ve joined forums, established relationships with local vendors, and local dealerships. I’m reputable, well liked in the community and would like to help you.

These tips will; Allow you to decide if vending is for you, avoid high start-up costs, avoid scams, learn to finance and find turn-key routes, save money on repairs, save money on machines, basic tax write off’s, and much more.

Vending can be lucrative and enjoyable but it can also come with loss and be a burden. There’s a lot of noise out there regarding the vending machine business. Take the time to read these tips and invest in knowledge. Each tip goes in depth and has their own paragraphs of information. Thank you for your support to a local vendor.