Eagle Bulk Gumball or Candy Vending Machine Lock & Key




1/4″ diameter opening by 20 thread lock. Brand new, one key per lock. Fits the following machines:

  • Northwestern 60 and Super 60
  • Oak Acorn
  • Vista 300, 450, and others
  • Astro
  • Eagle
  • Falcon
  • Folz
  • Chloro-King
  • Sun
  • Komet or King Koin
  • Curtis and Gabriel
  • all comparable A&A
  • Ashland
  • Parkway and Universal model gumball / candy vending machines.

** If you have lost the key to your machine and are not sure of the number on the missing key, drill out the center of the existing lock, remove the lock and replace with a new lock and key set.

** We are an environmentally friendly and community minded company. We use recycled packaging for our shipments. 10% of the profits from every purchase goes to community charities spanning the range of homeless aid, military (current and veteran) groups, cancer patients and animal welfare. Not only do we thank you for your business, they do, too.